Can Sex During Pregnancy Harm The Baby?

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Pregnancy and child birth is a wonderful thing and should be embraced. However, it can last many months and can stop the female from doing things that she may wish to continue doing that would otherwise be acceptable to carry out. This is simply to protect the baby and keep it safe whilst is developing within the womb.

Many people wonder about the ability of having sex whilst being pregnant and are unsure of whether this is a safe thing to do. In this article we will outline the facts about this subject. We will also outline the things to consider if you do wish to have sex whilst you are pregnant.

Having sex whilst you are pregnant is essentially a safe and good thing to do, so long as you are having a healthy pregnancy. The baby will be completely protected by a plug that contains mucus and this will be contained in the cervix as a seal that forms for protection against the baby. Your baby will also be kept safe from the uterus and the strong muscles that are contained within this area.

When you are pregnant, your sex drive may change, but this will be due to the hormones that are brought on due to the pregnancy. When you are in the later stages of pregnancy, orgasms can sometimes set off contractions but this is completely safe and normal and should not be alarming. If this feels uncomfortable, you can always try a different position.

The baby will also be unaware of any sexual activities that are taking place and will be perfectly comfortable whilst this is taking place. It has also been said that having sex during pregnancy can decrease the issue of a premature birth from taking place. There are however rumors that having sex will increase the chance of a premature birth but this is in fact untrue.

There are situations where you should avoid sex during pregnancy and this includes the issue of whether you have a weak cervix. In this case it is better to avoid sex until the pregnancy is completed. It is also a good idea to avoid sex during pregnancy if you have had a vaginal infection, or have suffered from bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy. If you would like more information about this subject, ask your doctor or visit at that can help with this subject matter.

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