It’s okay to be single and be a London escort than being in a toxic relationship


It’s been three years now since I have divorce my husband because of his attitude. I didn’t expect that he would turn into something terrible as we live along. He wasn’t like that when we are still boyfriend and girlfriend; he just changes in the long run of our marriage. I also think that I have given him a couple of chances to change his bad behaviour but he keeps doing it every time. He spends more money to his vices than us that his family. He spends more time to his friends that going out with us. It’s sad that he turned into the man I never dreamed of. I have longer my patience for the sake of our children. There are many times he punch and abuse me but I keep mum about it. I still keep our family together because I do not want my children to grow up into a broken family. To all mother’s out there you know what we can sacrifice for our children’s. You know that we are not easily to give up for them. But if its about their safety and security we will do everything to keep them away from harm. The moment my husband hit my children I promise to myself that I will never let him go near to them. I promise myself that I won’t ask support from him if we break up. I do not want my children to get trauma like I had on his hands that is why I won’t give him a chance to do it again to my children. Though divorcing my husband still made me worry because in that moment I do not know how I can support alone my children. i knew that this is a big challenge for me that is why I look for a new place to rent and start again. Every day I look for a possible work that I could get in and found out about Gorgeous London escort is looking for another talent. I really took that opportunity to apply myself to become a London escort. I have lots of good things I heard about them and also they are famous all over the world. It was a chance for me to be part of London escort ladies. I am an avid fan of them since I was a child. There is some requirement to become one of them that is why I start of caring my body and live a healthy lifestyle in order to look fresh and beautiful. Months passed, I was hired to become a London escort and I am at my happiest knowing about it. What makes me happier is that I am officially divorce to my husband and we are free from him. I work hard to give my children the best life. I have also own a house and car now. Our life is far different from before. I am more positive and confident that there is more blessing coming to my way.

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